Plitvička jezera (Plitvica lakes)

National park Plitvička jezera are the oldest and the biggest National park in Croatia, in April 8. 1949. Plitvička jezera have been proclaimed as first Croatian NP and in October 26. 1979. Plitvička jezera become part of UNESCO.

Plitvička jezera are widespread on 300km2. Biggest part of park is covered with forest, smaller part with lawns and the most beautiful part, lakes, are widespread on only 1% of entire area. There are 16 lakes (which all of them have names :)) and few smaller.

Because of the geological substrate and the characteristic hydrogeological conditions, lakes are divided into two parts: Gornja (Upper) and Donja (Lower) jezera (lakes). Gornja jezera are much more rugged and spacious and consist of 12 lakes: Prošćansko jezero, Okrugljak, Batinovac, Ciginovac, Veliko jezero, Malo jezero, Galovac, Milino jezero, Vir, Gradisnko jezero, Burgeti and Kozjak. Donja jezera are much smaller, they are Milanovac, Gavanovac, Novakovića Brod and Kaluđerovac. All lakes finishes with amazing waterfall Sastavci, where river Korana starts to runs.

Plitvička jezera are open during whole year and offers many different types of recreation, 8 tour programs and 4 hiking trails. Very important for visitors, is to mention that, on the end of tour they only can leave their foot prints and untouched nature, nothing else :)