At the beginning, what is Gala dinner and what we celebrate on it?

Gala dinner mostly stand out for big celebrations of some brand, business or service or celebrations like weddings, Ambassadorial meetings, personal celebrations and parties and social meetings.

People on Gala dinners are mostly served with few course meals (more than 3) and dress code is implied and formal. Dress code for Gala's is requested mostly as suit and evening gala dress. As its mentioned, food is separated in few courses.

Food is not standard, food is very fancy and delicious and very thoughtful and mostly served with best wines and champagnes. On Gala dinners you can be sure that only best and highly rated food is served.

Except food and wines, big importance is on decorations and interior design. Interior is mostly decorated with crystal dishes, silver cutlery and high quality porcelain.

In a case that you want to organize one, or if you have any question for us, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to organize everything for you.


* Don't forget that we organize lunches for you too! Casual or business - just let us do all for you!


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LunchesAndGalaDinners LunchesAndGalaDinners LunchesAndGalaDinners