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We proudly offer you services of organization and performance of team building programs on our beautiful sail boats as well as villas.

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Short itinerary:

Day 1 Split - KRKA - Bjelolasica
Day 2 Bjelolasica – Plitvice lakes - Bjelolasica
Day 3 Bjelolasica - White and Samarska rocks
Day 4 Bjelolasica - Split

Journey starts from Split, leaving its well-known ancient city center, Diocletian's Palace, and a stunning waterfront promenade. Journey starts breakfast towards waterfalls of the river Krka, just a few kilometers away from Šibenik.
Crystal clear river with its waterfalls will fascinate everyone and leave you breathless. Luscious greenery and water clarity will overwhelm you with its beauty. Smiles just spread across people's faces.

Lunch is in the nature of Krka waterfalls where you will chance to taste some local food and specialties typical for this region. With no hurries, you will continue to Bjelolasica. There will be a table abundant with various delicacies which will boost everyone's appetite. After dinner, be prepared for a karaoke and disco night. Perfect vocal skills are not necessary for having a ball. But friends in need will come in handy. The more the merrier.

A new morning brings new excitement. Second day -  Plitvice Lakes, but only after having a juicy breakfast. Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest, oldest and most popular Croatian national park. It is a mountainous area covered in dense forests which are protective of their great, well-hidden treasure- a series of 16 small and large crystal blue and green lakes. Lakes get water from numerous rivers and streams, and are interconnected by cascades and waterfalls. Vast forest areas, exceptional beauty of lakes and waterfalls, a diversity of flora and fauna, fresh mountain air, forest trails and wooden bridges and much more make this a unique area proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, among the first in the world. The national park consists of 16 lakes. We highly suggest bringing a camera (batteries fully charged!). You will stop for lunch there and taste some local specialties. When you are ready and relaxed, you will continue sightseeing tour of this mesmerizing nature. In the evening your biggest problem is how to find some more room in your bellies for all the local specialties you want to try. To the very end of the evening, you will have a chance to disguise as pirates, hang out by the fire crackling in the fireplace.

Second day - second adventure. You will hit the road to White and Samarska rocks. It is a strict nature reserve and an area where nature is completely unchanged or only slightly altered by human influence. White and Samarska rocks include a unique geomorphologic phenomenon- karst, and, as such, provide a special atmosphere and aesthetic inspiration. This is where nature is at its best, in a true sense of the word. Discover the most incredible and fantastic forms of stone surpassing in detail any kind of human craftwork. You will have lunch outdoors by the fire. To make hiking as easy and as pleasurable as possible we suggest having comfortable shoes.
A smell of freshly baked bread and cookies with cinnamon and vanilla spread across our villa. It's just impossible to resist it...There's a variety of riddles, puzzles ready for you in addition to chess, cards, socializing engaged in conversation, music, dance...

Leaving for Split or Zagreb is after breakfast.

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Short itinerary:

Day 1 Split / Zagreb – Bjelolasica
Day 2 Bjelolasica – Ogulin
Day 3 Bjelolasica – Vrelce
Day 4 Bjelolasica – Split / Zagreb

Journey starts after leaving Split / Zagreb in the afternoon to head towards the mountain of Bjelolasica and a place called Jasenak where our villa Dalmatinka is situated. Jasenak is a mountain village named after its ash trees. It’s a place abundant with forests, greenery and fresh, clean air, which makes it ideal for sports activities, walks in the nature, rest from everyday noise, hustle and bustle.
Upon arrival at our villa Dalmatinka you will experience exactly what you need. There are smiling "dwarves" wherever you look. The fire in the fireplace is playing with shadows of an old piano and an outdated gramophone, of a massive wooden table and decorative crystals.

The dinner is already served. Your mouth is watering just by looking at this treat. Warm homemade bread is leaving a blurry trail on the table. Everything smells wonderfully and everything is so delicious. After a busy and stressful week, let your blood stir here, let your childish enthusiasm take over the whole body. Time flies here - Tempus volat, hora fugit. Your body will finally get the long-seeking rest it deserves. Experience the perfect combination of both games and trips making this everyone’s favourite team building excursion.

Doing various exciting activities- karaoke, disco nights, relay race, ludo, and games without frontiers - be sure you will not miss the fun: you just need to relax and enjoy discovering your own talents!!!
You will also sail away on a remote desert island full of pirates and look for lost treasure waiting just for you to discover it. It won’t be an easy quest because you’ll be challenged by Ogulin witches who’ll try to grab it before your very eyes. Beautiful evenings continue by the fire, with music, and with guitar song...

Be ready for never-ending excitement throughout your stay. Besides enjoying the beautiful nature, interesting games and excursions, try preparing food over an open fire, search for medicinal herbs and try to identify them all, and feel like in a time machine going back to the old times when everything was slower and calmer. All of us will return at our villa satisfied and happy.

The effect of clean and beautiful mountain air is obvious. Everyone is at the table. Candlestick centerpiece illuminates everyone’s rosy faces and twinkly eyes. Everybody is satisfied, smiling. Has it already come to an end? We should do this again. The dinner is a huge success! The host announces the winning team!


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RelaxAndFunTB RelaxAndFunTB RelaxAndFunTB

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