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It is our pleasure, during your cruise, to offer you one very interesting program, which will take you to the inland of the island Korčula, that attracts with its Mediterranean beauty and climate. It is an island with interesting old places and some good wines.

KORČULA: (Greek: Κόρκυρα Μέλαινα, Latin: Corcyra Nigra, Korkyra Melaina, Old-Slavic Krkar, Venetian and Italian Curzola) is an island in the Adriatic Sea, in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia. The island has an area of 279 km2; it is 46.8 km long and on average 7.8 km wide — and it lies just off the Dalmatian coast. Its 16,182 (2001) inhabitants make it the second most populous Adriatic island after Krk.
The island of Korčula belongs to the central Dalmatian archipelago, separated from the Pelješac peninsula by a narrow strait of Pelješac, between 900 and 3,000 meters wide (illustration, right). It is the sixth largest Adriatic island with a rather indented coast. The highest peaks are Klupca, 568 m above sea level and Kom, 510 m high. The climate is mild; an average air temperature in January is 9.8 °C and in July 26.9 °C; the average annual rainfall is 1,100 mm. The island is largely covered with Mediterranean flora including extensive pine forests.


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It is our pleasure, during your cruise, to offer you one very interesting program, which will take you to the inland of the island Vis, that attracts with its mild and pleasant Mediterranean climate. It is an island with exceptional vegetation within hundreds of years old wine yards, since the ancient Greek times.

VIS: (Greek: Issa) is the most outerly lying larger Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, and is part of the Central Dalmatian group of islands, with an area of 90.26 km² and a population of 3,617 (as of 2001). Of all the inhabited Croatian islands, it is the farthest from the coast. The highest peak of Vis is called Hum, 587 m high. There are two towns on the island, Vis and Komiža, both located on the seacoast.


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Combining tradition with contemporary knowledge, the family Kastelanac has rose its own plantation of olive trees in the village of Gornje Selo on the island, as well as the family oil mill where they produce extra virgin olive oil. With this half-day trip, we would like to introduce you to the richness of olive groves of the island of Šolta and their processing into oil.

Olive tree is one of the oldest cultures of the Mediterranean, a mythical tree created by the gods to give the people longevity, health and peace. It has always been that old Soltaners work hardly and fight with the nature to grow olives and together with it created olive oil. Preserving a rich family heritage and bringing the centuries-old love to Šolta and to olives, family Kastelanac continued their path. To truly feel our story here is unavoidable extra virgin oil tasting and dalmatian gastronomic banquet of products enriched with olive oil.


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